Mother’s Day, Graduation, & Picture Fun!

I’ve been falling behind on my blogging this last week, so I decided to post a few updates from the last week or so while watching the Miss USA pageant. As of right now, Miss Oklahoma is in the top five! Woo hoo!

Last weekend, my agency had our first annual Tot Trot! It was a 5K run and 1 mile walk fundraiser for our agency. It was a huge success, and I can’t wait until next year. I haven’t been able to get the office camera for the pictures, so I’ll try to post them later this week.

Saturday I went to H-town to spend Mother’s Day with my family. Saturday afternoon, I “helped” Jessica with a photo shoot (mainly just stood around and oohed and aahed) of a sweet little family with newborn twins! She’s an awesome photographer. You should go check out her stuff at her blog J Allred Photography!

100_2020I also brought her copy of Angie Smith’s new book I Will Carry You. If you don’t have this book, you should get it! Also, you should read her blog Bring The Rain! It is very inspirational!

100_2018 Sunday, after church, we all went out to eat at Molina’s, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Here are a few pictures!

Ash, Mom

Colby, Mom, Ash

Colby, Dad, ash

Mom, Dad

Awkward Family Photo

We got Momma the new Awkward Family Photos book, so we decided to recreate one of the poses! You can see how thrilled Daddy was!

Last night was my cousin Emily and my adoptive brother Brandon’s graduation. I’m so proud of their accomplishments!

100_2025Me and Emily

She starts college in the fall as a musical theater major! Look for her on Broadway in a few years!

Sweet Erin at A Tiger’s Tale tagged me in a picture game! She is such a sweet girl, and if you don’t follow her blog, you should really go check it out! It’s so cute!

The rules for the game are:

1. Go to your photos files and select the 8th photo folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post the story behind that picture.
4. Challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Here is my picture!

Jessica and I went to see Taylor Swift back in September! She is definitely one of our favorites, and the concert was AMAZING! In this picture, she was opening the show with “You Belong With Me”. Loved it!

Now, I’d love to see pictures from the following girlies!

Erin-my newest follower
My Momma

Can’t wait to see all of your pictures! Hope you all have a great upcoming week! Also, Miss Oklahoma was 1st runner-up! She did great!

Friday Five-Favorite Pictures

As I’ve been putting this post together, I’ve been watching Private Practice. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who may not have watched it yet, but I am SOBBING right now!


Ok, now for Friday Five! This week’s topic is favorite pictures. When I first saw this topic, I panicked! How do I choose only five? I couldn’t do it, so here are my Friday 15!

First, a few family and friend pictures…

ash & jessMe & Jess-my favorite picture of us!

Me & the parents at my college graduation

Adoptive Family
Me & my adoptive family from church
B was 13 and the twins were 9!
Now, the twins are 13 and B is 17 and graduating Saturday! I feel so old!

Grandaddy & Kassie
My Grandaddy and cousin-Sweet, sweet picture

Jessica’s wedding-Love this pic!

Me and a few buddies getting ready for the OKC Bombing Memorial Marathon two years ago.
We did the 5K, and it was raining and freezing!

Now, gotta do a few funny pictures!

Me, April, & EA at Thanksgiving this year

Another Thanksgiving picture from a few years ago. Don’t ask…no idea what I was thinking.

Caution Tape
Again, got no idea what I was thinking


My kitty Jack doesn’t like when my attention isn’t on him. In this picture, I was working on my display board for senior symposium. He’s laying in my trash pile.

Christmas two years ago, part of the family couldn’t come to visit while I was home for break, so they had the big family Christmas later in the week. Since I couldn’t be there, they inserted my picture in the family picture between Momma and Colby!

Momma and Me

ash, mm, gd, colby
Me and Colby with our grandparents. As this picture was being taken, my Mom-mom pinched my Grandaddy on the bottom! She is laughing and he is giving her the death stare! Love it!

Momma inserting herself into one of the cousin family pictures at Thanksgiving. Love the expression on her face and love the look Jack is giving her, like “What is she doing?”

Check out Beth’s blog for more pictures! Link up and play along!

Top 2 Tuesday-Summertime!

new top 2

Today’s Top 2 Tuesday is favorite things about summer! I am super excited that summer is almost here. It is my favorite time of year! Here’s why I love it!

1. Spending time with family and friends!

summer08 Jessica & Me-Summer 2008

Grand Ole Opry with Mom & Mom-mom
Summer 2009

I really enjoy taking some time off in the summer to go back to my hometown to spend time with all of my southeast Oklahoma folks! My Momma, my Mom-mom, and I took a trip to Memphis and Nashville last summer, so we are hoping to maybe take another girls trip this summer. Any suggestions for a fun place to visit would be greatly appreciated! Must be within decent driving distance from Oklahoma!

2. Cute summer clothes!

Old Navy has the cutest summer dresses! I also love their goofy mannequin commercials!

100_2012 100_2007

I love wearing cute summer shoes too!

What do you love about summer? Head over to The Undomestic Momma and play along!

Friday 5-Things That Make You Giggle, Smile…

Today on Beth’s Friday 5-Things that make you smile or giggle. It was hard to narrow this down to only five things, but here ya go!

1. Texting with my Momma! Our family has only been texting a couple of years, and we are definitely still learning. We text all day, and she randomly sends me goofy stuff. Example: “Number 11, chicken”. That is the menu number of my favorite meal at my favorite restaurant back home. This message was her way of letting me know she is eating there.

My Momma also has predictive text on her phone; however, she chooses to just use the first word that pops up. She also never uses capital letters, except for the first word, or punctuation. Examples:

  • “Pioneer woman grunn the view”. Translation: Pioneer Woman is on The View (I think)
  • “Anxious to ted dancing with the stars”. Translation: Anxious to see Dancing with the Stars
  • “Youre doing great with your clogging”. Translation: You’re doing great with your blogging
  • “None of them have been great stand nuts.” Translation: None of them have been great stand outs

Sometimes, I can’t translate them at all and have to ask her to repeat herself. We also text each other goofy quotes from whatever tv show we are watching, usually Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and American Idol.

  • “My diaper is awesome”
  • “I am a beautiful man flower”
  • “Take off my gauze paws”
  • “You want me to pretend like I’m not amazing? Because we both know that I am”

There are times when we hear a funny quote and are racing each other to be the one to send a message first! So much fun!

2. My bff’s boys! They are so precious and do and say the funniest stuff. In the pic below, we were taking pic for my birthday, and they wanted to wear our Mardis Gras masks! Adorable!

3. Finding my kitty in random places all over my apartment. This little guy can find the most random places to lay. I’ve even found him laying under the covers on my bed, his head on my pillow like he’s a human! Crazy! But he’s sweet!

4. Melissa Peterman. She is probably best know for playing Barbara Jean on “Reba”. She is one of the funniest people ever! I also follow her on Twitter, and she says some great stuff, like “Just had some amazing ribs! Awesome dry rub! I rubbed some on my arms it smelled so good!”. Love her!

5. Castle. I started watching Castle by accident. I was watching The Bachelor, and just left the tv on when it went off. Castle came on, and I have been hooked ever since! The character of Castle is always getting into things he shouldn’t and saying the funniest stuff. If you don’t watch it, you should!
These are a few of the things that make me giggle. What about you?

LTC Weekend Recap

This past weekend, my brother and I went with our “adoptive family” from church and a group of about 120 3rd-12th graders and their families to Dallas for the Leadership Training for Christ convention. At the convention, the kids participate in activities like drama, chorus, puppets, sign language, bible bowl, bible quiz, speech, and song leading. Pre-convention activites include short film, daily bible reading, art projects, service projects, and other activites. This year, I coached a 3rd & 4th grade drama team and helped with bible quiz. We had such a great time!

My drama team. We got a silver medal! I’m so proud of them!

They wanted to do silly faces! They’re so cute!

Me & Colby with our “adoptive family”

Me & Colby with the creepy statue in most of the hotel rooms! The years that I have gotten a room that had one, I’ve either put it on the floor or covered it up when I went to bed. Don’t want her watching me when I sleep!

Me & Colby. He took some interesting pictures over the weekend, so as soon as he emails them to me, I’ll post them.

LTC weekend is always so much fun! It’s so amazing to see a hotel full of 3000+ kids all gathered together to show what they’ve learned about God. Can’t wait for next year!