LTC Weekend Recap

This past weekend, my brother and I went with our “adoptive family” from church and a group of about 120 3rd-12th graders and their families to Dallas for the Leadership Training for Christ convention. At the convention, the kids participate in activities like drama, chorus, puppets, sign language, bible bowl, bible quiz, speech, and song leading. Pre-convention activites include short film, daily bible reading, art projects, service projects, and other activites. This year, I coached a 3rd & 4th grade drama team and helped with bible quiz. We had such a great time!

My drama team. We got a silver medal! I’m so proud of them!

They wanted to do silly faces! They’re so cute!

Me & Colby with our “adoptive family”

Me & Colby with the creepy statue in most of the hotel rooms! The years that I have gotten a room that had one, I’ve either put it on the floor or covered it up when I went to bed. Don’t want her watching me when I sleep!

Me & Colby. He took some interesting pictures over the weekend, so as soon as he emails them to me, I’ll post them.

LTC weekend is always so much fun! It’s so amazing to see a hotel full of 3000+ kids all gathered together to show what they’ve learned about God. Can’t wait for next year!

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