Friday 5-Things That Make You Giggle, Smile…

Today on Beth’s Friday 5-Things that make you smile or giggle. It was hard to narrow this down to only five things, but here ya go!

1. Texting with my Momma! Our family has only been texting a couple of years, and we are definitely still learning. We text all day, and she randomly sends me goofy stuff. Example: “Number 11, chicken”. That is the menu number of my favorite meal at my favorite restaurant back home. This message was her way of letting me know she is eating there.

My Momma also has predictive text on her phone; however, she chooses to just use the first word that pops up. She also never uses capital letters, except for the first word, or punctuation. Examples:

  • “Pioneer woman grunn the view”. Translation: Pioneer Woman is on The View (I think)
  • “Anxious to ted dancing with the stars”. Translation: Anxious to see Dancing with the Stars
  • “Youre doing great with your clogging”. Translation: You’re doing great with your blogging
  • “None of them have been great stand nuts.” Translation: None of them have been great stand outs

Sometimes, I can’t translate them at all and have to ask her to repeat herself. We also text each other goofy quotes from whatever tv show we are watching, usually Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and American Idol.

  • “My diaper is awesome”
  • “I am a beautiful man flower”
  • “Take off my gauze paws”
  • “You want me to pretend like I’m not amazing? Because we both know that I am”

There are times when we hear a funny quote and are racing each other to be the one to send a message first! So much fun!

2. My bff’s boys! They are so precious and do and say the funniest stuff. In the pic below, we were taking pic for my birthday, and they wanted to wear our Mardis Gras masks! Adorable!

3. Finding my kitty in random places all over my apartment. This little guy can find the most random places to lay. I’ve even found him laying under the covers on my bed, his head on my pillow like he’s a human! Crazy! But he’s sweet!

4. Melissa Peterman. She is probably best know for playing Barbara Jean on “Reba”. She is one of the funniest people ever! I also follow her on Twitter, and she says some great stuff, like “Just had some amazing ribs! Awesome dry rub! I rubbed some on my arms it smelled so good!”. Love her!

5. Castle. I started watching Castle by accident. I was watching The Bachelor, and just left the tv on when it went off. Castle came on, and I have been hooked ever since! The character of Castle is always getting into things he shouldn’t and saying the funniest stuff. If you don’t watch it, you should!
These are a few of the things that make me giggle. What about you?


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    Yay! I love all your funnies! I just LOL over the texting thing, I SO KNOW exactly what you are talking about!!! Thanks for doing my Frdiay Fives! Have a GREAT Weekend!

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    You and your mom look just alike! I’m sure you hear that a lot:) And I LOVE Castle!! It is such a good show and last weeks episode was so funny!

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