The Sunday Social, Week 106

Social Sunday

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! I want to wish a big Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful daddy! Love you so much!
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This week’s questions are all about the number 4!

1. 4 favorite phone apps

Instagram (duh!), Twitter (of course), Pic Stitch, and my new favorite Pandora

2. 4 favorite summer TV shows

Mistresses, Bachelorette, and…that’s really all I’m watching right now. I am anxious to see Bachelor in Paradise later this summer

3. 4 things you would NEVER do

This is a hard one! There are soooooo many things I would never do. I’m kind of a wimp :)

4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what

My iPhone, keys, wallet, and pretty much whatever is in my purse. It never leaves my side!

5. 4 blogs we should follow

My fabulous cohost Neely

Meg at Meg O. on the Go

Heather at Cookies for Breakfast

Regina at Live Delightfully

They are all amazing girls and amazing bloggers!

Your turn! Answer the questions, grab our button, and link up with Neely and me!

Next week’s questions

1. What’s your favorite scary movie?
2. What is your favorite weird TV show you think no one else watches?
3. What is the song you can sing all the words to without any music?
4. What is your favorite book to re read?
5. The one website you visit more times a day than others?
Have a wonderful day!


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