The Sunday Social, Week 114

Social Sunday

Hey y’all!

Today’s questions are all about tv, songs, and movies!

1. One show you would love to see on Netflix that isn’t there?
Boy Meets World for sure! For years I’ve wanted to go back and watch the whole thing over from the beginning, and binge-watching it on Netflix sounds like a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday, doesn’t it?

2. One song you wish they would play more on the radio?
I actually don’t listen to the radio very often, but when I do, I never hear enough Garth Brooks music!

3. Your favorite song to sing loudly in the car?
Oh my goodness, there’s so many. Right now, it would definitely be “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, because I’m so fancy. You already know :)

4. What movie/tv show do you quote the most?
TV show: Grey’s Anatomy. No joke, I quote it almost every day. Movie: Mean Girls or Miss Congeniality.

5. One silly thing you do daily
Oh dear, there’s so many :) I get a route 44 ice water from Sonic every single day. Yes, I could just get water out of the tap at home, but Sonic ice is basically one of the greatest things ever, and even if I’m not having a Dr. Pepper, I have to have the ice. It’s kind of a problem…

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Next week’s questions

1. What is one item you wish you could splurge on right now
2. If you had an entire weekend of no plans what would you do?
3. What is the next place you are visiting outside of your current city?
4. Are you a neat freak or a clutterbug?
5. What is your favorite summer purchase?
Have a great day!


  1. says

    Sometimes I run without you… Who here has no idea what they’re doing? The truth hurts. So we lie. — I could quote Grey’s all. day. long. Totally bummed Christina is gone next season!!

  2. says

    Love Grey’s! I remember hearing everyone talk about it, and it had been on for about 6 season before I started, I could not turn it off, had to watch all of the episodes I could, then I got my sister hooked! Boy Meets World would be awesome to watch on Netflix! Happy Sunday!

  3. says

    I use to be a big fan of Grey’s anatomy but, once they got rid of a lot of the main ones from the first couple of seasons. I sort of lost interest. I love Boy Meets World. It still comes on every afternoon on ABC family during week. And now Girl meets world…comes on disney and it’s a cute show too. I love it just like I loved boy meets world.

  4. says

    Oh binge watching Netflix sounds awesome! Saturday night the boyfriend & I watched 2 movies before falling asleep on the couch. Sonics ice is pretty awesome, haha. I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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