Frozen in Summer

Hey y’all!

Friday night, my local Barnes and Noble store had a Frozen event! Ever since our little Princess Party a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to take Little Girl out for a girls’ night, and this was the perfect event!

I picked her up from Joyce and took her to her house to get dressed. When I told her we were going to do something really fun, she asked, “Are we getting tattoos?” Um…not quite. :)

She was so excited to wear her Elsa dress and have me put her hair in an Elsa braid!

We stopped for a quick dinner at McDonald’s, her choice.


On our way there, she kept talking about what she would do or say when she saw Elsa and Anna (“I’ll probably cry.”), but I hadn’t heard if they were going to be there, so I tried to not get her hopes up too much. Thank goodness they were there!

When we got to the doors, there was a snocone truck giving away free snocones! She loved her strawberry one!


We were sent to the kids section because Elsa and Anna were posing for pictures with the kids! When we turned the corner by them, I got down next to Little Girl and pointing at the girls said, “Do you see who that is?” Her eyes got huge and she said, “Anna.” She was in awe. As we got closer, I heard her softly say, “Elsa’s here too.” She was completely starstruck. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

We got in the Anna line first. When it was her turn, she froze, so I pushed her up to Anna.


Anna was great with her, asking her questions about her name and her dress. Little Girl was so in awe that she didn’t know what to do. Anna finally turned her toward me so I could take a picture of them.


So so cute!

After Anna was Elsa, her favorite. I could hear Elsa asking her questions, but I couldn’t hear her responses. I’m not sure if she was even able to form words because she was so starstruck. I could see her touching her braid, so I know she was trying to tell her about her braid, but she just couldn’t speak :)


So much excitement. It was so much fun to see her like this!


When she was finished, she walked back to me with this goofy grin on her face! She was so happy!



Next, we got her face painted and colored a picture of Elsa. We sat and read a couple of books while waiting for the event to start. When it was time, we all gathered in one section of the store for Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to read to us and lead a sing along!


We sang “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman”. It was so cute to see so many little girls singing along to these fun songs!

What a fun night! I’m so happy I got to share it with my sweet Little Girl. After a really rough week, it was great to have some fun girl time. I sure do love her!

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