My Italian Brother

I need to vent for just a moment. I had my first Kansas City post all ready to go, then Blogger LOST IT!! Ugh, I am really really hating Blogger right now. I use Windows Live Writer on my laptop, so I’ll try to post with that tonight.
Anyway, the night before Momma and I left for KC, we had dinner with Colby’s old roommate Stefano. He is from Italy and is in the states for school. His mother and brother were in town for a visit, so we were all able to get together. Stefano has become practically a member of our family! He is adorable and has the cutest accent!
the boys-Francesco, Colby, & Stefano

The mommas and their boys
Stefano’s mom doesn’t speak English, so Stefano was having to translate for her all night. Even with the language barrier, we had an awesome time!


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    Ugh, I have had plenty of “moments” with Blogger too!! I am glad you were able to share this post though—sounds like you had a blast! :)

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