Finally, the 4th of July Post

I have been wanting to get this 4th of July post up since Monday, but this week has just been so busy.

I had such an awesome 4th of July weekend. It was crazy busy, but lots of fun. The fun really started Thursday night when I hung out with my adoptive family from church. Their cousins from Japan were in for a visit, and some other church friends came out for fireworks. Because of work on Friday, I ended up having to leave before the fireworks :( . I was such a bad blogger that night because I took ZERO PICTURES!

Saturday morning I headed home to southeast Oklahoma. I ran into HORRIBLE weather and had to pull over three times because it was so bad! I made it home early enough to make part of my sweet little N’s birthday party.


Once again, I didn’t take any pictures. I know, terrible.

After the party, I went with the family out to my grandparents house for dinner. My uncle, aunt, and cousin came in for the evening.





I left before fireworks, but shortly after they got started, there was a huge downpour! They were down around the garden, so they had to run back up to the house!


While my family was getting soaked, Jessica and I took K to see Eclipse!


eclipse ticket

Jessica had already seen it, but it was my first time. It was soooo much better than the other two. K insisted on sitting between us, and Jess and I can’t see a movie together without talking about it, so we had to text through the movie. We were both VERY happy with the Taylor Lautner scenes! :)

Sunday, I went to morning church, lunch with the family, then evening church, followed by an ice cream dinner at church. There was lots of homemade ice cream and other desserts. I had chocolate and peach ice cream! So, so good! Again, no pics…

After ice cream at church, I went to Jessica’s parents house for their annual 4th of July party. There, I had more ice cream, and this time, it was shredded wheat ice cream! I know, it doesn’t sound good, and it took me YEARS before finally trying it, but it is A-MAZING! While I was with Jessica and family, my parents, the bro, and his best friend Marcel went to my grandparents house to shoot the rest of the fireworks that got interrupted the night before.

A few pics…

kn fireworks
K and N with their sparklers
ash jess 4th
Me and my bestie!
ash kam 4th
My precious K!
My eyes freaked out and wouldn’t let me put contacts in, so I had to wear glasses. Forgot to take them off for the picture. I just can’t pull off glasses.

Ok, now, let’s talk about the food for a minute. I seem to always notice a change in my clothes when I come back from a trip home. Now, I definitely know why. Aside from all the ice cream, this is what the rest of the weekend looked like.

saturday food
Saturday evening
Sunday noon
Sneaking chips before dinner when I thought no one was looking! Definitely no skinnies for me if I keep this up! :)

I had Monday off work, so after sleeping in a bit, I just laid around the house until time to make the drive back to OKC. I always look forward to the 4th of July holiday because it means lots of fun and time with my family and friends. I hope all of you had great holiday weekends too!

Two of my awesome blogger buddies gave me blog awards this week! Lindsay and Stephanie are so sweet, and I have really enjoyed reading their blogs. I’m working on a post about that, and I will hopefully have that up sometime tomorrow!


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    What a fun weekend! Stinks about the weather though.

    I cracked up about you forgetting your camera… I always do that and then complain that I’ll have nothing for my blog! My husband likes to make fun of me for being so blog-crazy, so I’m glad to see I’m not alone :)

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