I Think I’m a Hoarder

My parents came up to visit over Memorial Day weekend, and they brought me my dresser from home. A couple of days before, my Momma cleaned out all of the drawers. She started texting me pictures of things she was finding, and, to be honest, as funny as it was, I can’t believe the stuff that was in there! Here are a few pictures of Momma’s findings.

pez Pez Dispensers

A few more Tigger items

dear diary
Dear Diary-anyone else own one of these in middle school?

Jelly Bellys, Powerpuff Girl suckers, and *NSYNC conversation hearts

I had a pretty big *NSYNC obsession

Municipal Government Works

A straw?

Concert tickets:
Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert,
& Kenny Chesney


A few more random things

Momma modeling a few things


The cigar is from when Jessica’s
oldest son was born!

There were also a bunch of balloons and birthday cards and get-well cards from my surgeries, among other things. Momma sure had a great time!


  1. says

    OH WOW!!! I wish i still had my Dear Diary…i would love to look back and see all the silly things i wrote in there! I think i might be a bit of a hoarder as well…i will be ‘cleaning my room’ and look at things and say “hmmm i could use this for something..”, but of course it never gets used!

  2. says

    I always wanted a Dear Diary but my mom woukld never get me one. I too was obsessed with NSync… hated the BSB lol.

    LOL I think you may be a bit of a hoarder but sometimes it pays off (hello $200!)

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