Top 2 Tuesday

Today’s Top 2 Tuesday is Top 2 things you can’t live without!

1. My iPod. I am completely addicted. I love music, and I have music playing pretty much every moment I’m awake. I listen to it when I read, when I’m in my car, and when I’m at work. Even when I’m taking a shower, I have my iPod playing. A few months ago, the hard drive went out, and I was without it for a few weeks. It almost killed me!

2. Sunglasses. If I am outside or in my car and the sun is even a little bit bright, I must have my sunglasses. Sometimes I can’t even open my eyes without them! I love big sunglasses, and I have several different pairs and different colors!

A small example of how often I have to have them:

Playing outside with the cousins

Signing the wall at Graceland

Chillin’ outside the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville

I even decorated them for a costume party!

What’s that sitting on top of my head? That’s right. Sunglasses.


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