I’m a little scared

I never intended to blog about American Idol, but I feel like I need to talk about what is happening. I’m a little scared about this season. I have watched the show since the beginning, and never have I gone into a Top 12 show having only two contestants that I could possibly see winning this show.

Casey James-really nice voice, and super cute!

Didi Benami-she’s been one of my favorites from
the beginning
Other than these two, I don’t see anyone that has the potential to really be successful from this show. There are no Carrie Underwoods or Chris Daughtreys. Instead, America decides to send home these awesome people…

Katelyn Epperly, Ashley Rodriguez, & Tyler Grady

…and leave us with this

Aaron Kelly, aka David Archuleta 2
Voted in by the texting teenyboppers who loved David,
except Aaron is nowhere near as good of a singer with nowhere near the stage presence

Katie Stevens
This girl can’t get through a show without crying, and it’s starting to get really old.
She is consistently picking songs that don’t work for her, and she’s singing them terribly.

Paige Miles
I have no idea why this girl is still here. She seems very sweet,
but I have no idea why America kept her on the show
after she completely destroyed a Kelly Clarkson song and a Michael Jackson song.
Seriously, listening to her sing Michael Jackson’s “Smile” made me want to cut off my ears.

I’m a little scared!

I worry that with a season of not-so-great contestants and news that Simon Cowell is leaving the show after this season, this could be the end of American Idol. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks! If any of you are watching Idol this year, what are your thoughts on the contestants this year?

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