Have Courage & Be Kind

Hey y’all!

Growing up, Cinderella was always my favorite of the Disney princesses. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve still always loved her and her story. When Disney announced that they were doing a new live-action Cinderella, I knew I had to see it!

I love having my sweet Littles in my life, and I’ve loved getting to take two of the girls to see Cinderella. I took them separately so they could each have their own special night away from all of the others. It also gave me an excuse to see the movie twice :)

I took Little Girl first. She knew she was getting to do something fun, but she had no idea what we were doing! I picked her up at home and took her to a theater with big comfy reclining seats.
She was so excited to see Cinderella and the adorable Frozen short that played before it. We got popcorn and drinks and had a wonderful time!

FullSizeRender (2)
Friday afternoon it was Little Miss’s turn to go! I surprised her at daycare, and she was super excited to get to ride in my car with me. She really enjoyed the movie too, and I wish I would’ve had my camera ready when she saw the stepmother rip Cinderella’s dress! She was horrified!

She and I got to go a little earlier in the day, so we had time for dinner at Chick-Fil-A after the movie! She got to play on the playground where she danced around singing about marrying her prince. It was adorable!

We ended our night with some ice cream before meeting her Momma!

I loved getting to have some alone time with both of the girls. I think it’s important for them to get some one-on-one attention and do special things without all of the other kiddos around. I also loved the message of the movie, “have courage and be kind”. Those are two things that I pray for these girls, that they will grow up to be strong women and that they will always be kind, especially when things get hard. I pray that they always know how speical they are, and they find their happily ever afters.

A Party for a Princess

Hey y’all!

Two weeks ago, Little Girl had her tonsils taken out. She felt kinda crummy for a few days, but pretty soon she was back to her old self!

The evening after her surgery, the rest of the family had to go to an event, so I got to hang out with her for a few hours. I knew she was feeling bad and disappointed that she wasn’t going with the rest of the family, so I wanted to make sure she had a special evening just for her!

Like any other four year old girl, she’s OBSESSED with Princesses, specifically Rapunzel and Elsa. I decided the best thing for us to do was have a princess party! I found a bunch of great stuff at Dollar Tree and Target, and we had a night of girly fun!

We started with Princess drinks from Sonic! (straws from Dollar Tree)

We had to get dressed up for our party, so we had crowns and feather boas!

Rings too :) (rings and boas from Dollar Tree, crowns from Target)

The first thing on the agenda was watching Frozen. She had been asking to watch it for several days, but they saved it for our party! We both know basically every word to the movie, so we did a lot of singing together.

I found some princess crayons at Dollar Tree, and I printed some Frozen color sheets I found on Pinterest!

Target had some fun princess nail polish, so I taught her all about accent nails while we watched Tangled :) Her purple and yellow nails were so fun!

We had such a great night together! Even though she felt bad, it was great to have a fun girly night with my sweet little princess!