Five Dollar…Five Dollar Footlong

Now that you’ve all got that song stuck in your head, I have to tell you about what I witnessed today. On my way home for lunch, I stopped by Subway. I watched the most awkward and hilarious exchange between a Subway worker and a customer.

There were three people behind the counter, two people ahead of me, at least two people behind this particular customer, and 8-10 people sitting down eating, so quite a few people witnessed this incident.

We’ll call these two people Subway Guy and Crazy Woman. Subway Guy was probably college age. Crazy Woman was early 60s. Crazy Woman came in to order a sandwich for someone else, and had the order written on a piece of paper. The conversation went like this.

Subway Guy: “What can I get for you?”

Crazy Woman: “I’d like a five dollar footlong on Italian herb and cheese bread.”

Subway Guy gets the bread, cuts it, and waits for Crazy Woman to tell what she wants on it. Crazy Woman stares at Subway Guy.

Subway Guy: “What would you like on your sandwich?”

Crazy Woman: “I said I want a five dollar footlong.”

SG: “Which one do you want?”

CW (looking at him like he’s dumb): “What’s the difference?”

SG (trying not to laugh): “We have eight different kinds.”

CW: “Oh.”

She looked at the sign that had the different $5 footlongs for awhile.

CW: “I guess she wanted the spicy Italian one.”

SG: “Ok.”

He starts making the sandwich.

CW: “Well, she said she wanted tuna.”

SG stops.

SG: “So, you want a five dollar footlong tuna sandwich.”

CW: “Yeah, I guess that’s it.”

As he finished the sandwich, she continued to shake her head and look disgusted at him, like it was his fault that she had no idea what she was doing. I felt bad for the guy, but he seemed to think it was pretty funny. After that exchange, the next girl in line ordered a “meatball marina” sandwich! I think I need to go to Subway more often! :)

Top 2 Tuesday-Beauty Secrets

I am going out of town for work tomorrow, so I decided to go ahead and post my Top 2 Tuesday tonight! Top 2 Tuesday at the Undomestic Momma is Beauty Secrets. I am definitely not the person to be giving advice on beauty, but I do have two things that I really love.

1. Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

My hair has always been a bit frizzy, and this stuff helps it soooo much! I’ve used several different brands, but this one seems to work the best!

2. Mary Kay Mascara

I love Mary Kay’s mascara! It doesn’t clump and makes your lashes look really good!

What are your beauty secrets?

Remembering Dixie Carter

I was so sad to hear the news that Dixie Carter passed away over the weekend. I have always been a huge fan of Designing Women, and I watched it every day on Lifetime in college as I got ready for class. I loved Dixie’s character, Julia Sugarbaker.


One of my favorite things about the character Julia was how she would always speak her mind and tell someone exactly what she thought about them. My favorite Julia moment was her "night the lights went out in Georgia" speech.

It is always sad when a show like that ends, but I was very excited when Dixie showed up on Wisteria Lane, playing Orson’s mother for several episodes of Desperate Housewives. I just read that she got an Emmy nomination for that role!

Dixie_CarterShe was a great actress, and she will definitely be missed!

Friday 5-Things That Make You Giggle, Smile…

Today on Beth’s Friday 5-Things that make you smile or giggle. It was hard to narrow this down to only five things, but here ya go!

1. Texting with my Momma! Our family has only been texting a couple of years, and we are definitely still learning. We text all day, and she randomly sends me goofy stuff. Example: “Number 11, chicken”. That is the menu number of my favorite meal at my favorite restaurant back home. This message was her way of letting me know she is eating there.

My Momma also has predictive text on her phone; however, she chooses to just use the first word that pops up. She also never uses capital letters, except for the first word, or punctuation. Examples:

  • “Pioneer woman grunn the view”. Translation: Pioneer Woman is on The View (I think)
  • “Anxious to ted dancing with the stars”. Translation: Anxious to see Dancing with the Stars
  • “Youre doing great with your clogging”. Translation: You’re doing great with your blogging
  • “None of them have been great stand nuts.” Translation: None of them have been great stand outs

Sometimes, I can’t translate them at all and have to ask her to repeat herself. We also text each other goofy quotes from whatever tv show we are watching, usually Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and American Idol.

  • “My diaper is awesome”
  • “I am a beautiful man flower”
  • “Take off my gauze paws”
  • “You want me to pretend like I’m not amazing? Because we both know that I am”

There are times when we hear a funny quote and are racing each other to be the one to send a message first! So much fun!

2. My bff’s boys! They are so precious and do and say the funniest stuff. In the pic below, we were taking pic for my birthday, and they wanted to wear our Mardis Gras masks! Adorable!

3. Finding my kitty in random places all over my apartment. This little guy can find the most random places to lay. I’ve even found him laying under the covers on my bed, his head on my pillow like he’s a human! Crazy! But he’s sweet!

4. Melissa Peterman. She is probably best know for playing Barbara Jean on “Reba”. She is one of the funniest people ever! I also follow her on Twitter, and she says some great stuff, like “Just had some amazing ribs! Awesome dry rub! I rubbed some on my arms it smelled so good!”. Love her!

5. Castle. I started watching Castle by accident. I was watching The Bachelor, and just left the tv on when it went off. Castle came on, and I have been hooked ever since! The character of Castle is always getting into things he shouldn’t and saying the funniest stuff. If you don’t watch it, you should!
These are a few of the things that make me giggle. What about you?

LTC Weekend Recap

This past weekend, my brother and I went with our “adoptive family” from church and a group of about 120 3rd-12th graders and their families to Dallas for the Leadership Training for Christ convention. At the convention, the kids participate in activities like drama, chorus, puppets, sign language, bible bowl, bible quiz, speech, and song leading. Pre-convention activites include short film, daily bible reading, art projects, service projects, and other activites. This year, I coached a 3rd & 4th grade drama team and helped with bible quiz. We had such a great time!

My drama team. We got a silver medal! I’m so proud of them!

They wanted to do silly faces! They’re so cute!

Me & Colby with our “adoptive family”

Me & Colby with the creepy statue in most of the hotel rooms! The years that I have gotten a room that had one, I’ve either put it on the floor or covered it up when I went to bed. Don’t want her watching me when I sleep!

Me & Colby. He took some interesting pictures over the weekend, so as soon as he emails them to me, I’ll post them.

LTC weekend is always so much fun! It’s so amazing to see a hotel full of 3000+ kids all gathered together to show what they’ve learned about God. Can’t wait for next year!

Disney Mean Girls

Today, while reading one of the blogs I follow, I found this video. It is a Mean Girls trailer using clips from Disney movies. Love it!

Top 2 Tuesday-Favorite Magazines!

Today’s Top 2 Tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma is favorite magazines! I looooove reading magazines, so it was a bit hard narrowing it down to only two. I could seriously give a long list! Here are my top two favorites (today)!

1. People Magazine

I love love love People Magazine! I have been reading for YEARS. Gotta love that celebrity gossip! In college I bought the magazine from the store every single week, so when I graduated, I broke down and got a subscription. Now, two years later, I still run to the mailbox every Thursday evening to see what’s going to be on the cover this week! I also check the website several times a day!

2. Glamour

I just started reading Glamour a couple of years ago, and I love it! I enjoy the celeb interviews, cute hair and clothes, and other girly stuff.
What are your favorites?

That Kind Of Day

“Stayed out about two hours too late
And now it’s hard getting out of this bed.
Man, my boyfriend was a pain in the butt last night
Now he’s an ache in my head
I stubbed my toe on the dresser
And I guess it’s too late to shower and do my hair

Throw a ballcap on
Half the day is gone
Nothin’ else can go wrong, whoa
Fifty bucks is all I got
When times are tough, it’s time to shop
And your credit card will buy a lot, whoa
What’s another bill to pay?
It’s that kind of day
Hey, hey, hey

Got twenty-six messages on my voicemail
And I’ve only called my best friend back
And I told her when it comes to my life these days
I’m somewhere between a cry and a laugh
She said my mom just called her
And said I look like I’ve gained five pounds

Slip into my fat jeans
Overdose on mint ice cream
Treat the day just like a dream, whoa
Hope I see someone I know
I’ll smile and put on a show
Say I’ve got somewhere to go, whoa
Everyone’s got something to say
It’s that kind of day
Hey, hey, hey

Standing still on the interstate
And I swear some old lady
Just flipped me the bird
Did she just flip me the bird?

It’s gotta go up from here
Today is gonna disappear
Nothin’s gonna interfere, whoa
Gonna buy myself some flowers
Then spend a couple hours
Talking to my higher power, whoa
And ask him why life’s this way
I’m gonna ask him why my life’s this way
There’s just no telling what he’s gonna say
It’s that kind of day”

“That Kind of Day”-Sarah Buxton

Anyone else had one of these days today?

Friday Night Fun

Last night, I went to Cuppies & Joe to watch my friend Talitha sing. She recorded a CD a couple of years ago, and she’s awesome. She’s got a fantastic voice, and she writes songs and plays guitar. Our friend Tracy and her husband Matt were also there. We are so excited that Talitha is getting her music out.

Me, Talitha, & Tracy-Love these girls!
We had so much fun getting to watch her sing, hang out, and catch up. It was a great night! Can’t wait for Talitha’s next show!