Meet Colby

Hey y’all!

I’m taking a little break in my blog hiatus to link up with Kelly’s Show Us Your Singles! I surprisingly talked my brother into letting me do a post about him!

Meet Colby

Colby is 26 and lives in the OKC area. He works as an exercise physiologist at a weight loss hospital, where he helps people with their workout plans before and after weight loss surgery. He loves his job, and he really enjoys helping people.

Colby is an active member of the Church of Christ. He is a wonderful Christian man, and he is a great example to those around him. His relationship with God is very important to him, and he is looking for a girl that will share his faith.

Colby LOVES sports! Baseball, football, basketball, golf, you name it, he loves it. His favorite teams are Texas Rangers, OU Sooners, Dallas Cowboys, and OKC Thunder.

Colby loves children, and they love him. All of our friends’ kids pretty much think he is the greatest thing ever. He is so good with them, and I have said for a long time that he’s going to be a wonderful father. Some of our friends are foster parents, and he is an alternate caregiver for them, meaning he’s on a short list of people approved to babysit their kiddos.

Colby loves going to movies, sporting events, and just hanging out with his family and friends. He is very sweet, and he is just an all-around great guy. If you are interested, leave a comment or shoot me an email at, and I’ll pass the info along to him!


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    Once upon a time, I would think 26 is way too old for me, until I remember I’m 23 almost 24. He sounds like a great guy, but any guy who is great with kids and loves Jesus is always a plus for me :)

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