A Weekend Home

Hey y’all!

This weekend, I had a rare Saturday off, so I made a quick trip home to see the family. Two weeks ago, my Grandaddy fell and broke his hip in two places, so he’s been in the hospital. On Friday he was moved to a hospital for rehab, so I wanted to go spend the day helping out and giving my Mom-mom a break. I got up SUPER early on Saturday and headed home.

Because no roadtrip is complete without a mix CD

It felt so good to be home! I quickly got ready, and Momma and I headed to the hospital, But first, Sonic!

We spent the whole day with Grandaddy. It was hard to see him in pain, but I’m glad I got to spend some time with him. He’s getting a little better and a little stronger every day, so we are hopeful that very soon he’ll be back to his old self and will be home.

Some friends from church came to visit. Jason brought his guitar and sang a few songs. His “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” song was too funny not to share :)

Before we left town, we went to eat at Ta Molly’s, my absolute favorite restaurant in the whole world! I had my favorite chicken quesadilla, and it was just perfect.

Sunday morning, I had a little bit of playtime with the cats before church. This little fella was being cute and snuggly before he decided to play a little rough. He grabbed my arm and pinned it down, nipping at my fingers every time I tried to free my arm! He’s a funny little thing!

I helped Momma in bible class again. We talked about the story of Jesus calling his disciples to follow him. We made cute fish to help reinforce the story, and they turned out so cute!

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”-Matthew 4:19

Before I headed back to OKC, we went to lunch with a group from church. Jessica and Sweet P came with us too! They’ve been meeting us for lunch the last few times I’ve been home, and it’s been so nice to have some time with them. I love having best friend time, and I love having Aunt Ashley time with Sweet P!

It was a great trip home! As always, it wasn’t long enough, but it is probably the last time I’ll get to go home before Christmas, so I’m glad I had some time. I would appreciate prayers for my Grandaddy for strength and healing, and prayers for the rest of the family as they help take care of him!


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