The Sunday Social, Week 109

Social Sunday

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! I spent the weekend working and hanging out with my friends. We had two nights of fireworks, and lots of fun with friends!

1. What is your favorite genre of music?

I like all kinds of music, but country us definitely my favorite! I grew up listening to people like Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, and George Strait, and they are still some of my favorites! Speaking of music, I have a giveaway going on right now, so you should enter!

2. What is your favorite genre of movies?

I like girly romantic comedies! Miss Congeniality is my favorite!

3. Do you watch reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching?

I do watch reality tv, but my favorite kind has always been the competition shows! Survivor was probably the first one I watched. I used to watch American Idol, and I love The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

4. Who is an actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon are pretty awesome. I would like to hang out with Kerry Washington for a day too!

5. Who is an actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?

Because people freak out if I don’t mention him, I have to say Brian McNamara who played General Holden on Army Wives! Also, I kind of adore Patrick Dempsey :)

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Next weeks’s questions

These are all about the important people in your life!

1. Tell us about the family you grew up in, parents, siblings, grandparents.
2. Tell us about your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, significant other.
3. Tell us about your children. If you don’t have children, talk about your fur children.
4. Tell us about your best friends. How long have you known them? How did you meet?
5. Tell us about any other special people in your life.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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    This is my first time linking up!!! Thank you so much for hosting. This was fun. :) I’m going to visit everyone who linked up in a bit and will definitely be back next week.

  2. says

    Oh so you are a McDreamy fan too, huh? haha! I think it’s the eyes! I love Miss Congeniality too! Still makes me laugh hysterically every time! Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses

  3. says

    Country music for life! & yes, Brian McNamara, I would definitely not complain if I was stranded on a deserted island with him!

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