Friday 5-Guilty Pleasures

Friday Fives

Today’s Friday 5 over at Beth’s blog is Guilty Pleasures. Here are a few of mine!

1. Pop music

I love pop music! All I listened to from 7th through probably 10th grade was teenybopper pop music, what I refer to now as “The Good Stuff”. Y’all remember, right? Back when…

Justin had the fro…

Britney was that innocent…

Jessica & Nick weren’t Newlyweds and were the perfect couple…
And Lance dated girls.

*NSYNC was our obsession, but we also listened to stuff like Britney, Jessica, Mandy Moore, S Club 7, 98 Degrees, B*Witched (seriously), and Christina Aguilera. Those songs bring back so many memories of making up dances on Jessica’s trampoline and riding around in Jessica’s jeep with the top off holding the stereo (because she didn’t have a car CD player) singing *NSYNC at the top of our lungs. Yep, we thought we were cool. I have all of this stuff on my iPod, and I actually have a playlist of my favorites of these songs.

2. Soap Operas

I love ‘em! I’ve been watching The Young and The Restless since I was born, thanks to my Momma! It doesn’t get much better than watching Victor Newman destroy one of his enemies! My other favorite was cancelled ten years ago (*sniff sniff*), Sunset Beach. I absolutely loved it! I still miss it! I also watch The Bold and The Beautiful on my lunch breaks, and Days of our Lives when I can. Good stuff!

3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream

I looove mint chocolate chip ice cream! I actually ate it last week while watching the snow! :)

4. Magazines
I read a lot of magazines! People is my favorite, but I also read Glamour and Elle, and sometimes Allure, Vogue, In Style, and Country Weekly.

5. Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I am not a coffee drinker, but I was introduced to Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate by a roommate in college, and it’s amazing! I drink lots of it in the fall/winter, and occasionally in the spring! If you haven’t tried it, you must!


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