10 Tracks I’m Loving Right Now

I occasionally read a blog on CMT.com by a girl named Allison called “10 Tracks I’m Digging Right Now”. She not only lists current songs, but also older stuff she’s discovering or rediscovering. She also talks about why she is enjoying these songs. I love reading what she has to say and checking out some of the songs she recommends, so I decided to do my own lists! I love music, and I love discovering new music, so I wanted to share the music I love with “Blog Land”. Since I think the word ‘digging’ is a little goofy, I’m going to call my list “10 Tracks I’m Loving Right Now”. Here is what I’m listening to this week!

“Terrified” by Kathairne McPhee featuring Jason Reeves
Katharine just released her second CD, and it is completely different than her first one. This song quickly became my favorite on the album. Jason Reeves’ added vocals sound really awesome with Katharine’s voice. Love it!
Album: Unbroken

“Pink Guitar” by Reba McEntire
I love love love Reba! Who doesn’t enjoy listening to her stuff? She is always fantastic, and this song is super cute!
Album: Keep On Loving You

“Love Song” by Miranda Lambert featuring Charles Kelley
Really really love this song! Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum sings background vocals, and their voices sound fantastic together. Great lyrics too!
Album: Revolution

“The Man I Want To Be” by Chris Young
This is a really beautiful song with really powerful lyrics. Chris has a really awesome voice too!
Album: The Man I Want To Be

“Ready To Love Again” by Lady Antebellum
This is one of my favorite songs on their new album. I could list nearly every song on their album on this list! If you haven’t heard their new stuff, you should check it out! Awesome stuff!
Album: Need You Now

“Lie” by David Cook
I heard this song for the first time when he performed it on Carrie Underwood’s Christmas special. I don’t know what it is about this song that I like, but it has become one of my favorites of the moment.
Album: David Cook
“Brand New Key” by Katharine McPhee
Another favorite song on Katharine’s new CD. This song is unlike anything I’ve ever heard her sing, and I love it! It is very cute and bubbly.
Album: Unbroken

“Only Prettier” by Miranda Lambert
I laughed out loud the first time I heard this song! It’s kind of an “I don’t like you, but let’s agree to disagree” kind of song, told by a southern girl. She sings about how a southern girl doesn’t have to be hateful, she can just say “bless your heart”. We should all get along because we southern girls are just like anyone else, only prettier!
Album: Revolution

“Keep On Lovin’ You” by Steel Magnolia
This song is from a brand new country duo. They won this last season of CMT’s “Can You Duet”. I don’t watch the show, but I stumbled across their song when I was playing around on iTunes, and I really like it! They have unique voices, and the song is really cute. They don’t have a CD out yet, but I look forward to new music from them!

“Unapologize” by Carrie Underwood
There’s really no way I could get through a post about music without mentioning something by Carrie! This song is from her new album. It is about letting ‘I love you’ slip out, quickly apologizing, then taking back the apology because you really meant what you said. It has cute, fun lyrics, and is one of my favorites!
Album: Play On
That’s it for this post! If anyone is listening to these songs or checks them out after reading this, I would love to hear what you think about them!

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